Kat Botini

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Kat Botini was born and lives in Athens, Greece. She was drawing since she can remember. When it comes to comic creation, she is mostly self taught. She has read many graphic novels through the years, with a variety of genres.
She has taken two seminar cirlces at the Ornerakis school of applied arts. She has also participated in a seminar held by the Greek Academy of Comics and Vakalo college, presenting Étienne Schréder about comic scenario creation.
So far she has made 4 self published comics. All four of her books mostly have a rather sociable thematology, while also requiring black humour, existential crisis, animal love and self love.
Other than comics Kat is generally drawing illustration posters with surrealistic feaures. She is also making bookbindings with her own decoration.
She loves every kind of art expression and is always willing to find the Easter eggs in a story.